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Scion is a brand of vehicle that is created by Toyota Motor Corporation for the market of North America and marketed as a youth brand. This was founded in 2002 and the meaning of the name is heir or descendant of a family.

The first models where xA hatchback and xB wagon that were sale in 2003 in California. In 2004 the tc or the sports couple that was launched in U.S.. The xD the successor of xA that was premiered in 2008. And in 2010 the marque that expanded in 2010.

Currently these have five models that is line-up.

One the Toyota Avensis sedan, the 2nd generation tC which is a 3-door lifts back that is based on the European-marketed.

Second the Toyota Corolla Rumion, the 2nd generation xB that is a 5-door box-shaped compact wagon sold in the Japanese market.

Third the iQ, an ultra-compact city car.

Fourth the xD, a 5 door-subcompact car that is sold in Japan as the 2nd generation Toyota ist that is based on the Yaris platform with the 10th generation Corolla’s engine;

And fifth the FR-S a rear-wheel drive sport car.

But in 2012 of April the VP of Scion Jack Hollis announced that 2012 that the xB and xD will be dropped that should be in favor for Daihatsu a new models from the division of Toyota’s hatchback. As the moment they will focus its sales greatly on the iQ passenger car and the FR-S sports coupe together with the second generation tC.

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