Corvette Logo
Corvette Logo

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The Corvette car logo like any other company car logos had also made so many changes and classifications. The car company’s original car logo was made by an interior designer of Corvette at 1953 named Robert Bartholomew. It was designed with a checkered flag on the right-side¬† portion, and on the left part is an Amrican flag. Bartholomew also crafted it with crossing staffs.

In 1953, before Corvette’s car display show initiated, the company decided to change Bartholomew’s car emblem design. It was thought that having the American flag is against the ruling of commercial product’s code. So, it was redesigned with a fleur de lis with a checkered flag and a white racing flag together with Chevrolet’s famous bow tie icon.

In year 2004, the Corvette logo became a brighter and darker shade of red. And Barthomew’s original Corvette car logo is now a car industry icon at the National Corvette Museum.z.

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