This article will be focusing on telling and explaining the car logos which are flying on the road today. You might be wondering how they are made and what the stories behind those stylistic logos are.

Alfa Romeo. Let’s start with the Alfa Romeo logo. The Alfa Romeo logo was created in the year 1910 by Romano Cattaneo, who worked as a draftsman. He could create the Alfa Romeo logo while he was at the Piazza Castello’s station in Milan. He saw the Milan flag and the coat of arms of the noble house of Visconti in which he also saw the grass snake with a man in its jaws. In 1916, Nicola Romeo, a Neapolitan business man bought the company and converted the company to be a producer of munitions and machineries for World War 1. After the war, the company went back to producing cars and took its new owner’s name to the company name.

Peugeot. Justin Blazer, a jeweller and an engraver, was the one who designed the Peugeot logo in 1847. The Peugeot logo which has an image of a lion was based on the flag of the Region Franche-Comte. The logo was stamped on their kitchen gadgets, which were their first product. This is to denote a high-quality steel.  Armand was the one who is interested in-car making business, and it took him 12 years to convince his family that cars are a good money maker. From then on, they allowed him to use the Peugeot logo.

Buick. Founded in 1903 by Davis Dunbar Buick, Buick Motor Company was popular for its overhead valve engine. The company was then sold by the owner to William C. Durant. There were lots of Buick logos made. The earliest Buick logo was designed as a cursive Buick. In 1930, the styling researching of General Motors designed a Buick crest and used it as a radiator grille decoration. The Peugeot logo was modified and incorporated three shields, which represent the three Buick models which are the LeSabre, Invicta, and Electra. In 1975, Buick changed their Buick logo to a hawk which they named as Happy together with the launching of their Skyhawk.

Volkswagen. Franz Xavier Reimspiess was the person who designed the Volkswagen logo. He was an employee of the said company when the logo competition was held. He was given a one-time payment of 100 Reichsmarks (about $400) for his work, which is still alive.

Cadillac. The Cadillac logo was first based on a family crest of an aristocrat in whom the company was named after. The aristocrat was Antoine de La Mothe, Seigneur de Cadillac. Many things happened to this company that made it redesign their logo. In 1998, they designed a new Cadillac logo which was inspired by a design philosophy “art and science.” The six birds, the crown and the family crest were changed to a new Cadillac logo which looks more modern and more positive. This design was made by Piet Mondrian.