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The AC Cars Group Ltd. is one of the oldest car manufacturers in Britain. They have been in the business for many years now and the AC logo has been known to be one of the leading car specialists. AC Cars was founded by the Weller Brothers back in 1903 in a town in London. The whole company came about when the Weller brothers had an idea to create a 20hp car. At the time, it seemed like an impossible idea so their financer proposed to create a 3 wheeled vehicle as opposed to the original idea.

AC Cars group was originally known as Auto Carries Ltd.; they started as a servicing company but later on moved into manufacturing cars. When they decided to manufacture cars, they took on the AC logo that is still being used to this day. The AC logo is very simple; it’s just a circle with the AC initials on them. The simplicity of their logo reflects that of the company; there is nothing flashy with most of their cars; but every design caters to a specific customer group.

AC Cars Group Ltd. have been known to produce unique and specially designed cars for their customers. This is the reason why their car logos have always been associated with unique designs with state of the art performance. Most of their customers come to AC Car Groups Ltd. if they want to stand out from the crowd. In the past, no two identical cars were ever produced at the same time. So when you have an AC car, you will likely not find any other car like it. It is because of this type of service that the AC Cars Group gained their reputation as one of the best car specialist in the whole of Britain, or maybe even in the whole world.