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There are only a few classic car manufacturers that were able to maintain their prestige and reputation even after being in the business for many years. Bentley is one of those classic car manufacturers who were able to make a successful transition. Bentley has been around for many years now, and yet they were able to be on top of their game and keep up with the demands of the modern times. Up to this day, when one thinks of Bentley they immediately associate it with those sleek and sophisticated cars that are packed with power.

The Bentley logo is quite simple; the logo simply shows two wings with a “B” in the middle. The Bentley logo didn’t go through a lot of changes over the years; they simply tweaked it a bit to keep in tune with the modern designs. The letter “B” in the middle of the logo simply stands for Bentley. The two wings on either side of the letter is a symbol of speed. The Bentley brothers, who founded the company, have always been producing high quality cars with very powerful engines. It was because of these powerful engines that most of their cars were successfully used as racing cars. Since Bentley was known for their power and speed, they aptly symbolized it using the two wings.

Today, the Bentley logo still maintains the classic look of the old car logos and yet there’s a certain feel of sophistication that makes it a popular choice for men and women alike.