Vauxhall Logo
Vauxhall Logo

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Vauxhall Motors is a British automotive company owned by General Motors (GM) and headquartered in Luton. Alex Wilson founded it in 1857 as a pump and marine engine manufacturer, then began manufacturing cars in 1903 and was acquired by GM in 1925. It has been the second-largest selling car brand in the UK for over two decades.

The company had produced lots of car models in collaboration with Opel Company in Germany and was planning to manufacture more eco friendly vehicles.

Vauxhall logo has a long history of origin like other car logos. From a reference, the griffin emblem, which is still in use, is derived from the coat of arms of Falkes de Breauté, a mercenary soldier who was granted the Manor of Luton for services to King John in the thirteenth century. The house he built, Fulk’s Hall, became known in time as Vauxhall. Like other car logos, Vauxhall Iron Works adopted this emblem to emphasize its links to the local area.  Another is the shape of Vauxhall logo that was used to be square, but it is now circular to fit in the same recess with the Opel emblem. Vauxhall car logo was redesigned and released nine times since the 1920s like other car logos did. The new Vauxhall car logos encapsulate fresh design and technology for the company in its 100years of legacy.

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