Like anything else in this world, car logos also have gone through some degree of change over the past years. Most car manufacturers implement these logo changes in order for them keep up with what’s hot in a particular generation. No matter how cool the new car emblems are, there is still something very interesting in classic car logos. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of car enthusiasts who think that the classic car logos are cooler than the logos coming out now.

What makes classic car logos very interesting is the fact that they usually speak a lot of the car manufacturer’s history. By looking at the how their logos have evolved over time, you can already have an idea of what was the driving force or influence of these companies when producing cars. Aside from significance in design, looking at subtle or major changes of these also tells us a lot about who was leading the company during that period.

Not everything old is necessarily useless or outdated; when it comes to these car emblems sometimes the more classic, the better. There are some people who take more pride in having a classic emblem on their marquees than having one of the flashier and more modern designs.