What goes Into the designing car logos?
A lot of time and money is put into the designing car logos, with the most successful of those designs making the logo more recognizable than the cars that the company makes.
There are all types of images and symbols that are used in the design, with many of those incorporating items such as animals, a reference to the city where the car was first conceived, a favorite animal of the company founder and oftentimes symbols that represent the industry that the company was involved in before they entered into the world of automobiles.

A successful car logos, or any company logo for that matter, will stand the test of time, and be a symbol that breaks through the language barrier, making the company brand instantly recognizable anywhere in the world.
When it comes to design for cars, the most common of the logs can be broken down into 4 different styles.

The first of those styles is simply using the company name as the logo, with the most famous usage of this style being the logo employed by Ford. It may seem as though the company has put little thought into their branding, but the truth is that many of them will have labored over the font used in their name, as it will not only have to have a sense of some style, but somehow be different enough to stick in the head of car buyers.