Opel Logo
Opel Logo

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Opel is one of the most successful automobile manufacturers in terms of technological advancement in Europe. It is also one of the popular car brands in the same country. Together with its sister brand which is the Vauxhall in U.K, they could sell vehicles in over 40 countries. It also operates in eleven vehicles, power train and component plants in six countries and employs people around 60,000. It also gives its services to every area around the Globe except in North America.

Car logos play an important role in every car manufacturing company because it acts as a visual representation of the organization itself. Because of the car logos, people become more familiar with the car brand. For this reason, it becomes a way of advertisement for the car brand.  Just like other car logos, the logo of Opel had also undergone several improvements. The company has redesigned the logo, from “A” and “O,” “Victoria Blitz” up to the company’s name itself which is “Opel.” Until lightning was officially used and included in the Opel logo in the year 1964 because in the sixties and seventies lightning became more and more important to the logo. Finally, the logo was simplified in the year 1987 which follows their company motto that says, “less is more.” And they recorded the logo to the newly styled lightning and the ring as well as writing also “Opel” on it.

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