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The prominent DR Motor Company is an automobile producer established in 2006 by Massimo Di Risio, which is primarily based in Italy. Their business enterprise is to put car styles and Italian Specifications on the car parts released by foreign car providers such as Chery Automobile. This organization became common since it has a distinctive marketing strategy used in which it connected to another company called Finiper Group because it initially had no distribution circle. Until in the existing time, you can still purchase this company’s vehicle in the market. It has now its own supply chain with more than seventy sellers and more than a hundred service DR in Italian area. This car company foundation was influenced with the past car dealing knowledge of Massimo Di Risio in which he handed out and commercialized different kinds of cars like the Saleen S7.

Car logos are one of the significant components of a car for it symbolizes the organization itself. This is the purpose why DR Company made certain that no matter how simple it is, DR logo should get the interest of the car users.

Amongst numerous car logos, DR logo had an uncomplicated yet pretty eye-catching design and style. The DR logo is a combination of two letters, which are the small letters d and r. What exactly is interesting on it is that the small letter r is created with the exact size of the d. This DR car logo is one of the simplest among car logos but it also attained the attention of the individuals because of its exceptional representation.

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