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Hennessey logo

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Hennessey Performance was crated in 1991 out of John Hennessey’s dream of creating a car that will make his driving faster. Being a creative engineer and car racing enthusiast, he concentrated on modifying turbo charged imports such as ad Mitsubishi 3000GT, Toyota, Supra and Mazda RX7 on the first few years. His creation never failed him since he became an overall champion in one of the racing events.

Upon a customer’s request in 1993, John made a Viper car won with 194 mph average at the Nevada Open Road Challenge. It had an increase of 100 more horsepower than its original capacity and was called Venom 500 Vipers. The Hennessey modified cars was then featured in some of the car magazines and show authority. It had gained the attention of many and the famous such as John Leno, Bob Lutz, and Chysler executives.

The Hennessey logo bears the name of its founder similar to other car logos like Ford. The name was written on a cursive font usually in red or white. It was made simple but the impact never runs out of supporters like other car logos. It is usually attached to car bumpers as up to graders along with the original car logos of the modified vehicles.

For two decades, the Hennessey Performance continues to expand and goal to provide ultimate performance for customers never changed, and success was made through its Venom GT model.

The company plans to build a network of Venom GT in the Middle East, Europe, Russia, Australia and Asia.

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