Ssangyong Logo
Ssangyong Logo

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Ssangyong is a South Korean automobile company founded as Hadonghwan Motor Company in 1954 and started by building jeeps for the US Army. It was taken over by Ssangyong Business Group in 1988 (year of the Dragon in Chinese’s calendar) and changed its name to SsangYong Motor.

In the early 1990s, Daimler-Benz (now DaimlerChrysler) made a capital investment in Ssangyong Motor to establish a calculated alliance and co-operate in technologies, management and distribution. The relationship embraced light commercial vehicles, diesel engines, luxury passenger cars and gasoline engines. The company continues to manufacture cars with high end technologies applied on it.

The company currently sells stunning vehicles. Like SUV, RV and making all efforts in marketing its leading 4×4 brand. The highly regarded Rexton and Actyon lead the charge; a sedan named Chairman and classy people mover called Stavic completes the list of its car models.

Ssangyong logo is simple and influential like other car logos. Ssangyong means twin dragons. The logo is a stylized representation of two intertwined dragons rising to heaven. The production of top performance cars proved that the logo never let’s its name down along with other car logos in the motor world. It continues to emerge and mark its brand not only in Asia but in a more global competition with other car logos.

Ssangyong is also popular in Australia and are sponsors of the football league, carting, dirt bike world, boating competitions.

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