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Daf Logo

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DAF was a leading vehicle in Europe. The company’s name was DAF, which is the acronym for the Dutch ‘van Doorne’s Automobiel Fabriek’ (van Doorne’s Car Factory) founded by Huub van Doorne. It was first launched in 1958 with small and simple car but was comfortable to use according to the users. Several people were amazed on the technology that was used in this car. It was made with automatic transmissions with only two pedals, which are the accelerator and the brake. Their old versions of cars were made with an air-cooled twin cylinder engine that was soon modified to become bigger to handle their bigger cars and trucks.

All of their designs have also DAF logo which has the simplest design among car logos. Because of its simplicity, DAF logo became popular to the people compared to other car logos. It can be easily recognized because the DAF logo uses the name of the company itself.

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