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Mazda Logo

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Mazda Motor began as the Toyo Cork Kogyo Co., Ltd, founded in Japan in 1920. The company formally adopted the Mazda name in 1984, though every automobile, Mazda went sold from the beginning bore that name. The first four-wheel car, the Mazda R360 was introduced in 1960, followed by the Mazda Carol in 1962. On the website page, the name was derived from Ahura Mazda, a god of the earliest civilizations in West Asia. It is the god of wisdom, intelligence and harmony. Some also suggest that the name was derived from the name of founder, Jujiro Matsuda.

The new Mazda logo showcases a lot of meanings that made it known unlike other car logos. It shows the capturing spirit of Mazda. The stylized “M” evokes an image of wings in flight and symbolizes the Mazda’s flight toward the future. The simplicity of the logo creates impact among other car logos. The “V” in the centre of the “M” spreads out like an opening fan, representing the creativity, vitality, flexibility and passion that are Mazda. The symbol as a whole expresses the sharp, solid feeling that Mazda will be seeking in all of its products. The dynamic circle symbolizes readiness to spread our wings as we enter the 21st century. With these features, the logo belongs to the top car logos worldwide.

Today Mazda is a subsidiary of Ford. The Company created a wide range of car models and stretched its market in Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world.

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