Luxgen, established in 2009, is a Taiwanese automobile brand under the umbrella of the Yulon Motor Co., Ltd. It represents an ambitious venture into the automotive industry, combining luxury and intelligence as core tenets of its design and manufacturing philosophy. Luxgen aims to integrate innovative technologies with user-friendly features in its vehicles, offering a smart, safe, and comfortable driving experience.


The Evolution of the Luxgen Logo

The Luxgen logo, which prominently features the brand name in a modern and sleek typeface, is designed to convey a sense of futuristic innovation and premium quality. The logo encapsulates the brand’s focus on combining luxury with cutting-edge technology, underlining its commitment to creating vehicles that offer both high performance and intelligent features.


Pivotal Moments in Luxgen’s History

2009: The launch of Luxgen, introducing its first model, the Luxgen7 MPV, which emphasized advanced technology and comfort features not commonly found in vehicles of its class at the time.
2010s: Expansion of the Luxgen lineup with the introduction of models such as the Luxgen7 SUV and Luxgen S5 sedan, showcasing the brand’s dedication to innovation across different vehicle segments.
2013: Luxgen makes its international debut, entering markets in the Middle East, Russia, and Southeast Asia, marking the beginning of its global expansion efforts.
Recent Years: Despite facing competitive challenges in the global automotive market, Luxgen continues to focus on technological innovation, including the development of electric vehicles and smart connectivity features.

Areas of Specialization and Innovation

Luxgen specializes in creating passenger vehicles that emphasize innovation, safety, and comfort. The brand has been notable for incorporating advanced technologies, such as smartphone integration, smart touch interfaces, and advanced safety systems, into its vehicles. Luxgen’s approach to vehicle manufacturing also includes a focus on electric mobility solutions, aiming to contribute to the future of sustainable transportation.


Key Information about Luxgen

Founded: 2009
Headquarters: Sanyi, Miaoli, Taiwan
Notable Models: Luxgen U6 Turbo, Luxgen S5, Luxgen7 SUV
Website: Luxgen

Luxgen represents a forward-thinking approach to automotive design and manufacturing, striving to merge the latest technological advancements with luxury features in its vehicles. As the brand continues to navigate the complexities of the global automotive landscape, its commitment to innovation and quality remains key to attracting consumers seeking smart, luxurious driving experiences.