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When it comes to cars, speed is probably one of the biggest selling points that car manufacturers focus on. People also are no longer satisfied with the regular fast cars made available to the public these days. Because of the advancement in technology, people are pushing the boundaries of car design and ingenuity; thus supercars were born. These supercars are made to stand out and not fit in with the regular everyday cars; which is why more and more people are drawn to the beauty and features of these one of a kind cars.

Because there are more and more people who are very willing to spend a fortune on a supercar, the number of car manufacturers coming up with their own take on a supercar is growing as well. Some of the big names in car manufacturing have successfully launched their own line of supercars. Arrinera Automotive is a new addition to this line of manufacturers who are coming up with these supercars. Arrinera Automotive have yet to establish their brand to the rest of the world; but even at the early stages of their company they are already making waves with the soon to be launch of their first ever supercar.

There is little to be said with the Arrinera logo. Because they are geared towards creating supercars, they made sure that the Arrinera logo screams luxury in every aspect. The logo is simply made of two “A’s” inside a silver shield. Although not much is known about the meaning of the Arrinera logo, they are successful at giving the classy but luxurious feel that should be envied by a supercar.

Although Arrinera Automotive is a fairly new brand to the supercar industry, as soon as they launch their line the double A logo will surely be included in the line up of successful supercar manufacturers.

Arrinera Automotive SA – A subsidiary company listed on the NewConnect Veno.