Perodua, or Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad, is Malaysia’s leading automobile manufacturer, established in 1993. Known for its compact cars and superminis, Perodua has grown to become a significant player in the Southeast Asian automotive market, offering affordable, reliable, and efficient vehicles tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of consumers.


The Evolution of the Perodua Logo

The Perodua logo features a distinctive green and red “P,” symbolizing the company’s dynamism, resilience, and commitment to growth within the automotive industry. The two colors within the logo represent the harmony of human endeavor and technological innovation, reflecting Perodua’s mission to produce vehicles that are both user-friendly and technologically advanced.


Pivotal Moments in Perodua’s History

1993: The official establishment of Perodua, marking Malaysia’s second national car project.
1994: The launch of the Perodua Kancil, the brand’s first car, which quickly became popular for its affordability and practicality, embodying the aspirations of many Malaysian families.
2005: Introduction of the Perodua Myvi, which has consistently been one of Malaysia’s best-selling cars due to its versatility, efficiency, and value for money.
2011: Perodua ventures into the eco-friendly market with the introduction of the Perodua Axia, Malaysia’s first energy-efficient vehicle, further solidifying its commitment to producing environmentally friendly and economical vehicles.
2020s: Perodua continues to expand its lineup with models like the Aruz and the updated Myvi, incorporating advanced safety features and modern design, aiming to maintain its position as Malaysia’s preferred automotive brand.

Areas of Specialization and Innovation

Perodua specializes in manufacturing compact cars, superminis, and subcompact vehicles that cater to the preferences and needs of the Malaysian market and beyond. The brand focuses on affordability, fuel efficiency, and practicality, making it an attractive option for first-time car buyers and families. Perodua is also committed to innovation, particularly in enhancing vehicle safety, reducing emissions, and improving fuel efficiency, aligning with global trends towards sustainability and eco-friendly transportation solutions.


Key Information about Perodua

Founded: 1993
Headquarters: Sungai Choh, Rawang, Selangor, Malaysia
Notable Models: Perodua Myvi, Perodua Axia, Perodua Aruz
Website: Perodua

Perodua’s success story is a testament to its ability to understand and meet the evolving needs of consumers in Malaysia and the wider Southeast Asian market. As it moves forward, Perodua remains dedicated to innovation, quality, and sustainability, ensuring its continued growth and relevance in the competitive automotive landscape.