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Perodua Logo

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Perodua was created In the year of 1992, there was a Malaysian car manufacturing company founded in Malaysia. It was known to be he second largest automobile compnayn next to Proton in the said country. Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sendirian Berhad or when translated in English: Second Automobile Manufacturer Private Limited which is more known as Perodua logo was focused in producing mini cars and super minis which are different from what proton is producing. The company could launch its initial car model called Perodua Kancil in the year of 1994.

When they launched a new model which they call Perodua Kembara, a 4×4 vehicle which was also the Malaysia’s first, they also launched their new Perodua logo on August 24, 1998. Produa also thought of having their own badge just like the other car manufacturing company which as well has their car logos. Unlike what most people thinks, car logos are not just accessories. They play an important part in every car that they are placed. Car logos serve as a visual representation of their company. Additionally, it is a way of advertisement for their car brand. Perodua logo held a logo designing competition in 1997. This is their way of finding a new corporate logo that will be launched together with their newly designed model which they named tentatively as the X555. Johnson Ng Weng Kuan who was an architecture student won the competition.

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