Ferrari Logo
Ferrari Logo

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Ferrari S.p.A. is an Italian car manufacturing company founded by Enzo Ferrari in 1929. Its company Scuderia Ferrari which stands for S.F. in its logo manufactured race cars and sponsored drivers up to the present time. The company manufacturing factory is located in Maranello, Italy. Originally, Ferrari cars were used for racing tracks but on 1947, they produced street-legal vehicles.

The famous Ferrari logo was inspired by Count Francesco Baracca ace of Italian Air Force during World War One who had painted this symbol on the side of his planes and had brought several victories for the country. His was also known as a national hero.

Ferrari in 1940, choose to print the horse in black as a sign of grief for Baracca squadron planes after he was killed on duty and added the canary yellow background which represents the color of his birthplace Modena and three stripes of on the top consisting of green, white and red that stands for Italian national colors.

He also revised the logo by making the tail pointing upward than Baracca’s horse with tail pointing downwards.

The Ferrari aside from Scuderia Ferrari (motor cars) produces numerous car models specified into super cars, bio fuel and hybrid cars, and concept cars, and road cars that are run by different high-powered engines.

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