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Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd was born by its parent the Zhejiang Geely Holding Group as a private automobile manufacturer. It was established on 1986 under Li Shufu as a refrigerator-maker company with a capital borrowed from his family. He then evolved this business into a an automaking company first in motorcycles (1994) and later in automobiles during 2001. In the later years of establishment, it was included in top ten Chinese automakers in the world. It never ceases to receive recognitions for its quality performance cars and management.

The company’s name Geely in Chinese script (吉利; pinyin: Jílì) means “auspicious” or “lucky” in Mandarin Chinese. This seems to have spread luck in the business since the company continues to rise in sales up to date. One proof of this is when they bought Volvo cars from Ford in 2010.

The creation of Gelly logo contains symbolical origins like other car logos. It was designed similarly to other car logos with a round frame in hues of blue for the outer ring and printed lucky company name inside. The inner circle is in the sky blue background with a metallic triangular symbol resembling a mountain with stripes on it. It represents landforms the mountains of China where the company was situated or a crest that indicates high-performance  cars. The logo promotes asian spirit and anticipation of success similar to other car logos purposes.

The company today had made export’s ion all parts of the world with main production bases located in Lanzhou, Gansu, China.

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