Daihatsu Logo
Daihatsu Logo

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First known as Hatsudoki Sieze Co.; Ltd, Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd was founded in 1907. It is a Japanese company that manufactures cars. This company was known for their off roader models and their small sized cars. It was renamed as Daihatsu Motor in 1951, which means “engine manufacturer.” In this year, it also started exporting cars to Europe, but it did not work out well until the year 1980.

Daihatsu logo was one of the simplest car logos that was known to the public. It is represented by a capital letter D. As simple as it was, Daihatsu logo still managed to gain appeal to be public. It was also widely known especially to Japanese people. Among several car logos, Daihatsu logo was known for its unique but simple company representation.

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