Dacia Logo
Dacia Logo

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Dacia’s car logo is merely to be compared with any other car logos that we can see nowadays. It has been constantly changed for the reasons of acquiring excellent market appeal. Their original car logo was based on a family crest embedded with word markings that are had to read by many and in famously designed with a heraldic appeal.

Later on, Dacia decided to change it with a designed that would connote their reputation of manufacturing simple and affordable cars. They made their car logo more appealing to the international industry and not just targeted in the local business.

Automobile Dacia is infamous for producing world’s safest cars. They are also known for manufacturing simple yet elegant designed and affordable cars. Between 1995 and year 2000, Dacia sold 1310 vehicles only but in year 2002, this car company managed to manufacture and sold 53,000 cars with 50% market share in Romania.

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