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Seat Logo

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Founded on May 9, 1950 by Instituto Nacional de Industria (INI), a state-owned industrial holding company, SEAT, S.A. is a known Spanish car manufacturing company. Its current headquarters is located at SEAT’s complex in Martorell near Spain.  Barcelona, his company is currently a wholly owned by German Volkswagen Group and a member of the Audi Brand Group. It is the division that produces a youthful sporty profile car.

The SEAT logo was launched while the car brand is still on its peak of popularity. The reason for having car logos is not just to add beauty to the design of the cars launched. Car logos are also used as visual representation of the company behind every car released in the market. In this way, car logos can help in extending the popularity of a certain brand. Thus, it serves as a form advertisement. The brand logo for SEAT was designed with a silver-colored and styled capital letter “S” With a red background and the company name “SEAT” below it.

In the year of 2002, the annual production of SEAT went to its peak at 500,000 units in 4 years. And over 16 million of cars have been produced including thfour ones from the Marotell plant with exportations to over seventy countries around the world.

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