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Dodge Logo

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Dodge Company had many car logos in the past before they came up to their ultimate Dodge Company logo. The first Dodge Company logo made was known as Dodge logo that was developed by an artist known as Avard T. Fairbanks that proved helpful for the Higher education of Michigan in 1929. He needs to modify his old car which was Willys-Knight and thought of providing the Avoid company of developing a cover decoration in exchange for a new car. In the year 1954, Robert Sealey developed another edition of Dodge logo which was known as separated-horns cover decoration. It was a fashionable one which was then utilized to their trucks.

Among Dodge car logos, the most popular were the styles created from the year 1952 for the traveler vehicles. It had individual horns and became well known aftermarket Dodge vehicle equipment in the late 60’s. This design was again taken in the late 90’s.

There were several variations of Dodge car logos created aside from what are described above. Some of them were Ram logo, gold winged shield in 1954, crest with red bars in 1941 and lots of them. There were little changes created like modify in coloring, appearance and some additional information. In 1970, they determined to put a contemporary feel to their car organization logo so they created a slightly angled type-based car logo. The organization name Dodge was improved to all capitals and given a more powerful inclination on 1980. This modification benefited the organization logo and created it to become more eye-catching. In the overdue 90’s, the organization management determined to utilize the ram organization logo to the vehicles as well.

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