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Piaggio Logo

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With its former name as Rinaldo Piaggio SPA, Piaggio Aero Industries is an Italian company which focuses in producing aircraft. Piaggio Aero Industries have proven several aircraft productions according to the aviation history. It was known to be one of the oldest airplane manufacturers, and this company has proven their worth in terms of aircraft quality in the early ages.

Just like other companies who have their own car logos, they also thought of launching its own logo. Car logos are not just an accessory in every car model for it plays an important role because it serves as a visual representation of the company and the car brand itself. A small as it may seem, car logos are also a way of advertisement to improve the popularity of a car brand. Piaggio logo was made with simplicity, which can really represent their company. The logo Piaggio company is presented in a simple capital letter “P” with a smaller Piaggio caption on the right side. It composed of lighter and darker shades of blue.

In the present time, Piaggio Aero Industries remains as an aerospace company which focuses in designing, developing, constructing and maintaining aircraft structural components. They are now active not just in aircraft but also in aero-engines and aero structures manufacturing.

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