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Gillet Automobiles is a Belgian company founded by former racing driver champion Tony Gillet in 1994. This Belgian company produces the famous Vertigo sports coupé, an ultra-lightweight (990 kg) ‘bespoke’ and hand-built sports car.

Gillet logo one of the simplest car logos ever designed represented by “G.” Similarly with some car logos, Gillet underwent evolutions to become in trend. The company made another logo that was designed with a full “GILLET” word inside a round frame added with label of “automobiles” on the surface of the frame. The logo incorporates elegance and amazing speed in its stylish cars like other car logos made for.

Vertigo’s chassis was borrowed from Formula One technology was fabricated in carbon fiber and honeycomb materials. This insures lightness, greater strength and stiffness. Vertigo body was given more fluid lines with higher side windows and retractable headlights, making it closer to its first models.

The Vertigo .5 was introduced at Brussels in 2008 and incorporates features from the Vertigo race car used in the 2007 FIA GT race series.

The impressive speed and features attracted famous individuals like Prince Albert of Monaco and the French singer and actor Johnny Halliday, who are now Vertigo-owners. Gillet cars are included in the list of most expensive and fastest cars in the world.

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