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Japan has been producing quite a few cars and has been successfully selling it internationally. One of the more successful Japan car brands that were launched successfully is Honda. Honda didn’t just end at creating commercial and everyday use cars; they went on and ventured towards creating a luxury car line that they called Acura. This luxury car line was originally meant to be produced just with Japan, but later on they decided to distribute globally as well.

The Acura logo was marketed in such a way that people can instantly associate the Acura brand to that of luxury and high quality performance. When Acura was made available to the United States and Canada, they only had on e thing in mind and that is to continuously produce luxury cars that people can feel proud that they own such a unit. But aside from luxurious look, they also bank on luxury performance that Acura cars have been widely known for. This is the reason why the Acura cars became one of the most popular and best selling luxury cars sold on the US.

The Acura logo is very simple and yet it represents the reputation that Acura wants to project to their customers. The Acura logo shows an “A” but at the same time you can also see an “H”. This somehow represents the connection of Honda to Acura. Another neat thing about the Acura car logos is that it is designed as a stylized calliper. A calliper is a measuring tool that engineers use; they incorporated this idea to their logo to reflect Acura’s commitment to provide engineering excellence in all of the cars that they design and manufacture.  It is this commitment to excellence and luxury that allowed Acura to remain as one of the leading manufacturers of luxury vehicles in the world.