Infiniti, the luxury vehicle division of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., was established in 1989 with the goal of creating premium vehicles that blend performance, technology, and design to compete in the global luxury automotive market. Infiniti represents Nissan’s ambition to rival other luxury brands by offering cars known for their elegance, comfort, and advanced engineering.

The Evolution of the Infiniti Logo

The Infiniti logo, featuring two central lines that stretch into an infinite horizon within an oval, symbolizes the brand’s forward-looking approach and commitment to innovation in the luxury automotive segment. This emblem encapsulates the essence of the Infiniti brand, representing endless possibilities and the pursuit of perfection in automotive design and technology.

Pivotal Moments in Infiniti’s History

1989: The official launch of Infiniti, marking Nissan’s entry into the luxury car market with the Q45 and M30 models, known for their advanced engineering and refined aesthetics.
2003: Introduction of the G35, a game-changer for Infiniti, earning critical acclaim for its performance and design, and significantly boosting the brand’s reputation and sales.
2014: Infiniti moves its headquarters to Hong Kong to position itself as a global luxury brand and to capitalize on the growing Asian market.
2020s: Infiniti embraces electrification, announcing plans to electrify its lineup with a focus on hybrid and electric vehicles, reflecting the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Areas of Specialization and Innovation

Infiniti specializes in luxury sedans, coupes, SUVs, and crossovers that offer a blend of Japanese craftsmanship, advanced technology, and performance. The brand is known for its pioneering technology, such as the VC-Turbo, the world’s first variable compression ratio engine, showcasing Infiniti’s commitment to innovation and driving excellence. Infiniti’s approach to luxury is also evident in its emphasis on interior craftsmanship, comfort, and in-car technology, aiming to provide a superior driving and ownership experience.

Key Information about Infiniti

Founded: 1989
Headquarters: Yokohama, Japan; operational headquarters in Hong Kong
Notable Models: Infiniti Q50, Infiniti QX60, Infiniti QX80
Website: Infiniti
Infiniti continues to evolve as a brand, embracing new technologies and design philosophies that reflect its commitment to luxury, performance, and sustainability. As it moves into the future, Infiniti aims to redefine the luxury automotive experience, combining its unique perspective on design and innovation with Nissan’s engineering excellence to create vehicles that inspire and excite.