Elfin Sports Cars, founded in 1957 by Garrie Cooper in Australia, stands as the oldest continuous sports car manufacturer in the country. Renowned for its commitment to performance and innovation, Elfin has produced a range of racing and sports cars that have competed successfully at both national and international levels. With a legacy built on the racetrack, Elfin cars are celebrated for their engineering excellence, agility, and racing pedigree.


The Evolution of the Elfin Logo

The Elfin logo captures the brand’s racing heritage and commitment to performance. While detailed historical changes to the logo may not be as widely documented as those of larger automotive brands, the Elfin emblem is recognized in the motorsports community for its association with quality and speed. Representing a brand deeply rooted in Australian motorsports history, the logo symbolizes Elfin’s dedication to crafting vehicles that embody the spirit of competition.


Pivotal Moments in Elfin’s History

1957: Elfin Sports Cars is founded by Garrie Cooper, marking the beginning of its journey in the world of motorsports.
1960s-1970s: Elfin vehicles achieve numerous victories in Australian and international racing events, establishing the brand’s reputation for performance and durability.
2007: Introduction of the Elfin MS8 Streamliner and Clubman, modern sports cars that pay homage to Elfin’s racing heritage while incorporating contemporary automotive technology.
Acquisition by Walkinshaw Performance: This partnership aimed to enhance Elfin’s production capabilities and expand its market presence, leveraging Walkinshaw’s expertise in high-performance vehicles.

Areas of Specialization and Innovation

Elfin specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance sports cars and racing vehicles. The company’s focus on lightweight construction, aerodynamic design, and powerful engines has enabled its cars to excel in competitive racing environments. Elfin’s vehicles are known for their craftsmanship, driving dynamics, and the ability to deliver a pure and exhilarating driving experience.

Innovation at Elfin extends to the continual refinement of vehicle performance and handling, drawing from the brand’s extensive experience in motorsports to develop cars that offer both competitive track capabilities and road-going enjoyment.


Key Information about Elfin

Founded: 1957
Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Website: Elfin 

Elfin Sports Cars’ legacy is a testament to the passion and engineering prowess that have driven the brand since its inception. As a symbol of Australian motorsports heritage, Elfin continues to inspire enthusiasts with its dedication to performance, innovation, and the pursuit of automotive excellence.