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Chevrolet also known as Chevy is an American brand of the vehicle produced by General Motors (GM). Founded by Louis Chevrolet and ousted GM founder William C. Durant on November 3, 1911, General Motors acquired Chevrolet in 1918.  The company today is one of the world leaders in automobiles, operating from global headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The company has operations in 31 countries with China as its largest international market followed by the United States, Brazil, the U.K, Germany and Russia. Chevy car models include sedans, SUVs and Trucks. Chevrolet’s handling and fuel economy is attractive factors that add to its high-quality  performance.

Chevrolet logo design is simple yet elegant unlike other car logos. It was introduced by William Durant in 1913 and from then compels an everlasting impact on the human mind with its metallic colors.  The logo uses yellowish golden color for the illustration and black for the text inscribed. The yellow shade evokes innovation, sportsmanship and cheerfulness. However, the black shade reflects the strong and bold character of the logo. The company logo is recognized everywhere among a vast sea of car logos because of its decent look. It is often regarded as the Chevy bow tie, though it does not appear like a bow tie. If analyzed, the bow is vertically mounded with the company name, offering a civilized look. These overflowing qualities of company logo made it one of the most popular car logos in the motor industry.

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