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PSA Peugeot Citroen Group is a French corporation that was founded in France by a French Industrialist named Andre-Gustave Citroen. This corporation includes a major group called Citroen, which focuses in manufacturing cars. Citroen is the first company outside the USA, who held a mass production of cars and developed a unique concept to create sales and services network that complements the motor cars. They could use a =n effective marketing strategy that resulted to it becoming the largest car manufacturing company in Europe and 4th largest around the globe.

As the company continued to grow and become known around the globe, they thought of creating their own company logo. They decided to have a logo in order to be more known to the people. Car logos are another way of advertisement for their company. Car logos serve as a visual representation of any car brand. Most of the car logos include the company name in their badges for the same reason – advertisement. Citroen logo has also a company name added in its badge for the people to be familiar with the brand name. Today, they are still thinking of ways to improve their car technology and to remain known as the Aide of innovation.

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