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When it comes to Italian racing cars, one of the brands that stand out the most is the Abarth. Abarth was founded by a man, of Australian-Italian descent, named Carlo Abarth together with Armando Scagliarini back in 1949 in the town of Turin. Ever since Abarth was acquired by Fiat, the Abarth logo has been associated with quality and prestigious Italian racing Cars.

The Abarth logo is known for its color as well as the big scorpion in the middle of the shield. Right below that Abarth name are three color: green, white, and red. These three colors represent the three colors found in the Italian flag. Since Abarth was “born” in Italy, it was but fitting to have the Italian flag represented in the logo.  The yellow and red color that serves as the background for the scorpion represents the racing world. Abarth has always been manufacturing cars used in the racing world, so the red and yellow colors instantly give you an idea that their cars are mostly for racing use.

The shape of the Abarth logo is made to that of a shield. The shield represents victory and passion. Carlo Abarth has always been passionate about designing racing cars. It was this passion that led to the successful line up of Italian racing cars known the world over. They wanted this passion and victory to be reflected in the Abarth emblem thus the shield was a fitting representation.

When looking at Abarth car logos one that stands out, is the picture of the scorpion. The scorpion was added to the emblem by Carlo Abarth for two reasons. The first reason is that he wanted to make the emblem quite difficult to imitate, so he designed the scorpion in an unconventional way. The second reason is more personal; Carlo was born on November 15th making him a Scorpion. As a whole, the Abarth emblem has been associated with prestigious racing cars the world over.