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Mclaren Automotive, commonly referred to as McLaren, is a British automotive manufacturer of high-performance vehicles. The company was established as McLaren Cars in 1989 as a producer of road cars based on Formula One technology. It works closely with McLaren Racing, the successful Formula One constructor, and is a spin off of McLaren Group.

The Mclaren car logo believes in simplicity like other car logos in the automobile world. The description of the logo is represented by its company name “Mclaren” and a red speed-like design at the top of the last letter of the company name. As simple as it is, the car logo can be noticed in a vast sea of other car logos. The legendary victories and presence in the field of motoring marked the company’s legacy along with other car logos.

The company had been to several challenges and continues to survive. Way back on its creation, Mclaren garnered victories in racing for its F1 car. It was known as the fastest car in the world. However, the production resulted to its closure due to high price.

In 1999, McLaren was revived by its motor racing partner Mercedes-Benz to develop and build its SLR super car using its carbon-fiber experience. The result was satisfying even with few challenges to survive until today.

Mclaren Automotive (previously called McLaren Cars) has a modern headquarters / R&D / production facility at Woking of Surrey.However, since its foundation in 1989, it produced only two models – McLaren F1 and Mercedes SLR.

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