Vector Motors Corporation is an American automobile manufacturer originally based in Wilmington, California. Its history can be traced to Vehicle Design Force, which was founded in 1978 by Gerald Wiegert. Vehicle production began in 1989 and ceased in the 1990s.

The company produced car models. Every car produced by the company is designated the letter “W” (for Wiegert) and a number. A letter “X” after the W (e.g. WX-8) signifies a prototype unit. The only exception to this rule is the Megatech-era M12, wherein the “M” stands for Megatech and the 12 signifies its V12 engine.

Vector car was also used by popular and on screen. One black W8 was sold to famous tennis player Andre Agassi. However, Wiegert and Vector Aeromotive refunded Agassi’s US$455,000 purchase price after the car broke down. Repairs on Agassi’s W8 were finished, and the car was resold. A total of 17 Vector W8 cars was built for public sale.

The Vector W8 did manage a brief foray into the spotlight of the film-going general public when a red version of the car was used in the 1993 film Rising Sun, driven by a Japanese businessman.

The Vector logo is simple like other car logos. The figure of Vector car logo is represented by V that repositioned into 90 degrees and has another triangle shape inside in a blue color. Its company name similar to other car logos, is located inside the bigger V frame with font style that is also made of vector shapes. The edges of Vector logo seem like a tread pattern of a car tire. These qualities made the logo appealing and edgier among other car logos.

The company was recently revived and is currently developing a new super car. Vector is credited by some critics as America’s first attempt to compete with European performance car manufacturers like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Lotus.

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