Wiesmann is a German automobile manufacturer. The company was founded in 1985 by brothers Martin Wiesmann, an engineering graduate and Friedhelm Wiesmann, graduate of commerce. The cars are manufactured in Dülmen by hand.

Way back in history, the realization of their own sports car with a fascinating old-fashioned shape, with state-of-the-art technology showed up after a visit in 1985 Essen Motor Show. Passion is the main drivethrough of the brothers in making their cars.

The company originally manufactured custom hard-tops for convertibles, which they continue to do. The first roadster left the workshop in 1993. As of 2006, they produce the Wiesmann MF 3 and MF, 30 roadsters and the Wiesmann GT MF 4 coupé, all of which utilize engine and transmission components supplied by BMW. The Weismann GT is a closed two-seater with more power than the other models, intended for long distance touring. The GT was first produced in 2003. Its body is made of high-quality, fiber glass reinforced composite material. The latest car model is the GT MF5 is a closed two-seater roadster with more power than the other models. The GT MF5 was first produced in 2009, and limited to just 55 examples. GT spirit gave the GT MF5 Roadster a positive review during their road-test in September 2010.

Weismann car logos can be easily noticed like other car logos. Weismann logo is represented by a silver gecko and is a unique animal chosen unlike other beastly car logos. The reptile reflects its ability of sticking on the wall to the performance of Wiessman car that sticks to the road. Weismann car logo proves even a small car can create a big among a large population of car logos with its determination and driven passion.

Today Wiesmann is the leading manufacturer for puristic sports cars, with extensive experience in design and car development. The company has no immediate plans to sell vehicles in the United States because of exchange rates and the high costs of modifying and testing the cars in order to make them road-legal there.

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