UAZ or “Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant” is an automobile manufacturer based in Ulyanovsk, Russia, which manufactures off-road vehicles, buses and trucks. It is best known for its Model 469 jeep, which have seen wide use as a military vehicle in Russia and around the world. The UAZ factory started production in 1941 as part of the Soviet war effort.

In 1958, UAZ began to produce its own, independently developed vehicles. In 1965, UAZ began producing the UAZ-452, which in a slightly updated form is produced to this day. The factory began producing its other iconic and long-running model, the UAZ-469, in 1972. In addition to the updated examples of the preceding two models, UAZ also produces three models for civilian use. Since December of 2003, UAZ has produced the UAZ Hunter, a modernized, civilian version of the UAZ-469. In 2005, UAZ began the production of the affordable and adept off-roader, the UAZ-Patriot. Since 2008, UAZ has also manufactured the UAZ Pickup.

On September 17, 2011, the city of Ulyanovsk celebrated the 70th anniversary of UAZ.

The UAZ-469 (and its modifications) has earned a reputation as a very reliable and capable 4×4. It has gained huge popularity among off-road enthusiasts within Russia, former Soviet republics as well as Europe, Asia, South America and Africa, and is preferred by many over other legendary 4x4s such as Land Rover, Jeep and Toyota.

There is no reference as to how UAZ logo was made but scrutinizing its elements will lead to an analysis. The UAZ logo has hidden meaning like other car logos. It was represented by two pointed rays that resemble to “V” and can be associated with swords or sharp objects used by the Soviet soldiers who used the UAZ vehicles. It bears its name similar to other car logos for  branding. UAZ logo is a symbol of quality off-road vehicle that is worthy to be kept.

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