Jaguar car company logoJaguar Cars Ltd, is a British luxury car manufacturing company which is commonly known as Jaguar. This company is based in Whitley, Coventry, England. This company is a division of Jaguar Land Rover, who is a subsidiary of Tata Motors, which is an Indian company. Jaguar Cars Ltd started when a young 20-year-old  English guy who was a vehicle enthusiast launched the Swallow Sidecar Company together with his friend. These brilliant guys were William Walmsley and William Lyons. They started their car venture in 1922. In 1927, Swallow started venturing into the chassis built by Austin, Fiat and other manufacturers.

The first Jaguar car launching was held on 1935 when the company based in Coventry decided to join the nearby chassis builder Standard Motor Company. This company was responsible in building the chassis for the first Jaguar model which is the SS Jaguar which stands for Standard-Swallow Jaguar.

Just like other car logos, Jaguar has also its own logo, which is known as the limited Jaguar logo. This Jaguar logo was used to show to the people the meaning of the logo and to avoid misinterpretations or misrepresentation of their company. The Jaguar logo comes in a side-view  image of a jaguar with a name jaguar under the picture. As simple as it is, Jaguar logo became one of the most popular among numerous car logos because it represents such an expensive luxury car. The purpose of having car logos is for identification purpose of their company. This is also the reason why Jaguar decided to put the logo in their car models. It serves as a primary mean in identifying the brand of a certain model.

Today, Jaguar cars are still designed in Jaguar Land Rover’s engineering centers known as the Whitley plant which is located at Coventry. His luxury car brand, even so, managed to be popular in several countries even though it has one of the most expensive costs. 

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