Think Global was an electric car company located in Oslo, Norway, which manufactured cars under the THINK brand. The company was originally founded in January 1991 as PIVCO (for Personal Independent Vehicle Company). The first practical prototype, the PIV2, like the vehicles that followed, were built around a chassis made of aluminum and carrying a body made of polyethylene thermoplastic rotomolded in one piece. The chassis was developed by Hydro Aluminium Tonder in Tønder in Denmark and were one of the main reasons that fords later acquired 51% of the stock.[3] [3] 10 of 15 prototypes were built in time for the Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games in 1994. The battery technology was NiCd, driving a three-phase AC induction motor via the front wheels.

There are other car models that were produced. The Th!nk City is a small two-seater or 2+2-seater highway capable electric car, with a top speed of 110 kilometres per hour (68 mph) and an in-town range of 160 kilometres (99 mi) on a full charge. The Think City is available with both a Zebra Sodium (Molten salt battery) battery and a Lithium-ion battery, which both travel 100 miles, or 160 kilometres on a full charge, and based on the International Electrotechnical Commission’s standards for electric cars. Another is THINK Ox is a concept five-seater electric car with a top speed of 130 km/h (81 mph) and a 100 kW motor.

It’s compact. It’s electric. It’s a zero-emissions zippy little car that’s a feat of design and engineering. Topping out at 100 km/hr and running for 180 kms on a single charge, THINK is a lot of power for such a tiny thing. All the other systems are well-thought out too, with 90% of the energy going straight to the engine, compared to traditional combustion engines that lose up to 70% of their energy to heat and friction. The vehicles are currently only available in Europe.

Think logo is also popular as environment friendly like other car logos. With its simple design, Think logo presents a life that is not stressful due to pollution like fueled car logos brought.  The use of the electric vehicles like cars with Think logo solves some of the problems by nature and saves money due to its practicality. Indeed, the logo made a difference unlike other car logos known today.

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