Nissan Motor Company Ltd or more known as Nissan is a Japanese Car manufacturing company which is based in Japan. It was the largest part of Nissan group, which became more independent after its reconstruction under the management of Carlos Ghosn, their CEO.

They first produced vehicles under the brand-name  Datsun which is also one of the largest cars manufacturing companies across the world. Today, the company’s headquarters is located in Nishi-ku Yokohama. Nissan Company also tried entering into alliance with Renault S. A., which is from France. It owns 43.4% of the whole stocks of Nissan and on the other hand, Nissan also owned 15% of the Renault shares.

As of the current status, Nissan holds the largest market share in American auto sales along with Honda and Toyota. It is also known to be the largest automotive firm which is based in Asia and is currently growing and dominating the US-based big three (General Motors, Ford and Chrysler). In Japan, which is also its home market, Nissan gained the second largest car manufacturing company in 2011. Toyota remained at the top, Nissan standing after surpassing Honda.

One very important part on Nissan Motor Company is the Nissan Logo which represents the cars and the company itself. Car logos have an important role in every car brand or car manufacturing company. Car logos serve as a visual representation of the models launched in every automaker. Nissan logo comes in a simple “Nissan word” with a circle behind it. The Nissan logo is made of silver color just like most of the car logos. This representation is common in every car brand, and the reason behind it is to get the attention of the people and to let them know where the car is made.

Until the present time, Nissan is still continuing with its journey in automotive industry, making ways to reach its ultimate goal – to be the best car manufacturer across the nations.

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