Jeep car company logoJeep is a vehicle marquee of Chrysler, which is a subsidiary of Fiat. It was in the year 1941 when the first Willy’s jeeps were produced. The Jeep cars are primarily made and for and used by the United States Army and their Allies in the World War II. The model they used, which is also the first Jeep vehicle which appeared to be the Bantam BRC. There are already numerous Jeep vehicles, which are used by the United States Army and even in other countries.

In order to be recognized by the people and to improve their sales, just like other car brands, Jeep also made their version of Jeep logo that will represent their company. Car logos as small as they are, play a big role in the marketing strategy of their company in adding more sales. Car logos are the ones which are easily recognized by the people upon looking into  without even reading the name of the car brand. It is a visual representation of a car company. The Jeep logo is designed just like what we see in a front view of their vehicles. It has two lights, which represent the headlights. It has also vertical bars, which represent as the grill in the front area of the vehicle. Then, there is a word jeep on the top of the image. Unlike other car logos which are presented in the most elegant and unique way, Jeep logo was just simple, but it caught the attention of the consumers.

The unique thing about this car logo is that it was never seen on the Jeep cars. What people can usually see on the cars is the word jeep only and not the image. The logo is basically made only for their advertisements and their marketing strategies. 

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