dr motor logo

The famous DR Motor Company is an automobile manufacturer founded in 2006 by Massimo Di Risio which is based in Italy. Their business is to add car designs and Italian Standards t the car parts exported by foreign car companies such as Chery Automobile. This company became popular because of its unique marketing strategy used in which it partnered with another company called Finiper Group because it first had no distribution network. Until in the present time, you can still buy this company’s car in the market. It has now its own supply chain with more than seventy dealers and more than a hundred service DR in Italian territory. This car company foundation was inspired with the past car dealing experience of Massimo Di Risio in which he distributed and commercialized various kinds of cars like the Saleen S7.


DR management’s business strategy played a big part on their success, especially in becoming famous in Italy. Because they did not have any distribution network outside their production site, they made an agreement with Finiper Group to implement distribution strategy.


In the present time, DR Company has already it own manufacturing plant, which produces almost one hundred cars in a day. Their manufacturing plan is based in Rome, Campobasso and Pescara. The first DR car model they sold was SUV which they also refer as DR 5. Its components were made by Chery, and its electronic components were made by Bosch. This was done in the year 2009.

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