Top 10 Car Logos.

You know that a company has made its mark on the business world when their logo is recognizable all over the world. There doesn’t even have to be a name attached to the design, as oftentimes a simple sign or combination of images can break through the language barrier, making the logo more famous than the name of the company itself. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 10 most recognizable car logos in the world.

  • Alfa Romeo – Even without the name of the company emblazoned inside the blue ring, the cross and snake combination make it instantly recognizable.


  • Audi – The rings that make up the Audi car logos are used to represent the 4 companies that belonged to the Auto-Union Consortium way back in 1932; DKW, Horch, Wanderer and Audi.


  • BMW – A fairly simple design with an interesting past. The circular logo has 4 triangle shapes inside, 2 blue and 2 white. The blue represents the sky, and the white is used to represent propellers, as BMW were in the business of making planes before they turned their attention to automobiles.


  • Citroen – If there is a single common thread among many of the car logos it’s that many of the designs are used to represent the industry that the company was involved in before the auto industry. In the case of Citroen, the 2 upside down “V” symbols are meant to represent the teeth of tractor wheels which are what they made before joining the auto club.


  • Ferrari– The prancing black horse is now an iconic symbol that has transcended the car world and become something of a fashion statement by showing up on t-shirts and other articles of outerwear.


  • Ford – A car logos doesn’t come much simpler than the blue oval containing the company name in their trademark font.


  • Lamborghini – Ferruccio Lamborghini was a man who loved bullfighting, so it is no real surprise that a reckless looking bull would be the centerpiece of his company’s logo. Not content to leave it at just that, he also named all of his vehicles after famous bulls.


  • Lotus – Color and lettering mean everything in this distinctive British car logos. The initials emblazoned on the logo are that of company founder Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, and the green is the exact same shade as the color of the British racing teams cars.
  • Maserati – At the center of the Maserati logo is a red trident, which just happens to be the symbol of the city of Bologna where the cars were originally built.


  • Mazda – While the logo may just look like a stylized letter “M”, it is actually meant to represent a large set of wings.


You show all 10 of those car logos to anyone in the world and chances are they will get a large number of them correct, and the design and quality of the cars have as much to do with that as the car logos itself.